Holiday Buggy Guide


You've probably realized that the pushchair or travel system that you fell in-love with has suddenly become too bulky and heavy for nipping round the shops, packing into a car boot stuffed with luggage and too much of an investment to be thrown into the hold of a plane when you holiday in search of the sun. Thankfully a lightweight buggy can be purchased fairly cheaply and some models are suitable from birth. I speak with experience when I say that you will keep your 'second' model far longer than your first love!

Holiday Buggy Formats

Basically the lightweight buggy follows two formats: it's very basic and therefore extremely low cost or it is a more expensive popular model without the frills (ironically this is the luxury lightweight option without the luxury). To reduce the products weight manufacturers have to make design cuts: extra padding is often removed, baskets and trays aren't present and the wheels are less robust and technical. The rule is pretty much you get what you pay for but don't be put off when I say this as there are some excellent reviews of these basic buggies and I recommend you consider my final comment in my introduction.

Have faith when I say that the all-singing and dancing first pushchair will probably be sold-on or handed down whilst the holiday buggy remains propped under the stairs, in the boot of the car or in the garage until your child is 4.

What to look for ... think practical

The following pushchairs can all be found for under 80 pounds and have a maximum weight of 7.1kg. Most buggies listed are less than 50 pounds and several are under 30 pounds!

Each has a review score of 4 out of 5 as a minimum.

Mamas and Papas Pipi (birth 15kg)

Mamas and Papas Pipi

View latest prices for Mamas and Papas Pipi

Graco Century Charlie (6mth 15kg)

Graco Century Charlie

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Chicco Xplorer Stroller (6mth 15kg)

Chicco Xplorer

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Mamu M1 (6mth 15kg)

Mamu M1

View latest prices for Mamu M1

Koochi Roadrunner (6mth 15kg)

Koochi Roadrunner

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Mamas and Papas Beat (birth 15kg)

Mamas and Papas Beat

View latest prices for Mamas and Papas Beat

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